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Saturday, August 20, 2011

IM Florida Catch up

Here’s a little write up to bring everyone up to speed on when I got started and where I stand with my Ironman (IM) Florida training.

For my first IM I decided to self coach. What does that mean? Well when training for triathlons you may either elect to self coach or higher a coach. I made the decision to self coach because I felt I had the discipline and motivation it took to follow a training program.

I found a 36 week training program online which I thought would get through the 140.6 mile IM race. It was broken up into two parts, a 26 week pre-season cycle and a 12 week competitive season section. My training began one week after I ran the Cowtown Marathon back in February. I’m wrapping up week 3 of the competitive season this Sunday. This puts me at week 25 of 36.

I approached this season differently than my previous two seasons. This year I strayed from tapering before my events. To taper is to take it easy or take a day off or two before an event. I had 18 events this year leading up to IM Florida. Last year I would have tapered before each of those events. This year I did not taper plus I included my workouts into the events. I treated them as training sessions. If I had a sprint tri on Sunday but, had a long run or bike to do I would take the time to complete the sprint tri and deduct it from my workout session. If there was a difference in time I would complete the time difference after my event.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to not have had many injuries this season. I’ve had to lay my bike down a couple of times during training. Thankfully it wasn’t serious. Three and a half months out from the IM event I made a decision to reduce the injury risk factor by moving most of my training rides indoors and onto a Computrainer. I get that grunt work done at the Mad Dog Coaching facility.

Keep any eye out on my blog as I slowly fill the gaps. I’m going to discuss my thoughts on swimming, running and cycling in separate pages. I’ll go into more detail on the Computrainer and what a great tool it is.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Train hard and smart..!


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