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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Podcast - Filling the Emotional Cup, Body Resilience, and Bamboo Scrambles – Our Chat with EJ Gonzalez

I was asked to do a podcast earlier this year by David Hanenburg, owner off EnduranceBuzz.com. Coinsidently the first trail race I did was one of David's, Cedar Ridge Preserve 36k run. Over the years I've done a few of his races. Endurance Buzz not only puts on great races, but they truly care about the community and getting people involved. I hope you enjoy the podcast interview and the little bit of me that I share with you guys. Please also check out Endurance Buzz's website and upcoming events. 

Thank you David for allowing me the opportunity to share my active lifestyle experience!

Podcast: Filling the Emotional Cup, Body Resilience, and Bamboo Scrambles – Our Chat with EJ Gonzalez

Here are the highlights of the Podcast chat I had with David. I took this list of his webpage. 
  • EJ’s all-in journey back to endurance sports starting in 2009
  • the relateable experience of running a new distance (EJ’s first 1/2 marathon)
  • the couch moment that led to triathlon filling the emotional cup through sport
  • EJ shares his memories of youth when running the trails today
  • community observations at EJ’s first trail race
  • 100 mile memories and The Stick 
  • key running workouts EJ includes each week 
  • EJ’s core strength training 1-3 times each week 
  • the importance of sharing the active life with others
  • trail running tips you can use 
  • and the scrambling bamboo fun at TNT 20M


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