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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week in review – Working out with a Pro

It was a productive week. I was coming off an injury from the previous week so it felt good to get through this week injured free.

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate to have met local triathlon pro, Brent Poulsen. He has a great personality and brings a positive mentality to his workouts. He’s a seasoned pro and I enjoy picking his brain about the sport.

Every now and then I have a humbling experience. I enjoy them as they allow me to reflect and refocus on my goals. On Saturday Brent, Madison and I put in a 45 minute run after completing a 4 hour CompuTrainer ride. Brent had two by 12 minute intervals to do. I figure I would go and hang with him as long as I could. I lost him after the first mile of the run. Back at Mad Dog’s training facility we all gave each other the good run acknowledgment. Brent hit his run interval goal of a 5:30 pace. And that my friend is the all mighty humbling moment.

Brent and Madison did push me faster than I would have normally gone out if I was running alone. I was very grateful for that experience and can only set my bar hire to hopefully someday to move up to the next level.

Tomorrow is a big rest day for me. This upcoming week is going to be a bit different as I will move my workouts around to accommodate the “To Hotter N Hell ride and back” ride. I’ll drop a post about that ride in the next day or so.

Work out totals for this week.
3 hours swim
7 hours 15 minutes bike
4 hours 30 minutes run
14 hours 15 minutes total workout time

As always any questions or comments are more than welcome.

Train hard and smart..!


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