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Welcome to my blog. What is a triathlon? It's a swim, bike and run usually in that order. My goal is to give exposure and insight to triathlons along with encouraging living a healthy life style. My post will also contain my collective thoughts pertaining to my training experiences. Feel free to send an email to ej@trilifeblog.com with any feedback or questions you may have. facebook: www.facebook.com/TriLifeBlog

Why I Tri

I tossed around the idea of competing in a triathlon for years. A buddy of mine talked me into doing a duathlon. I didn't have a bike at the time so I made a commitment to myself to start training by purchasing my first entry level road bike in January 2009.

I had no swim or cycling experience. I learned how to swim via YouTube. I also had to learn how to cycle. I participated in my first multisport event in April 2009. It was a duathlon. I finished 76th over all and 7th in my age group. As cold as it was that day I enjoyed the event but, I also had a wake up call. I found cycling wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Later that year I did my first sprint triathlon and found that the same applied to swimming. My first 300 meter swim time was almost 8 minutes. I thought I did well considering I had not drowned.

My first season was full of dealing with and trying to figure out why others were so much faster than me in the swim and on the bike. My 2009 season came to a close and though I was far from being the fastest on the course I had a blast and found I was hooked on multi sporting events. I also found I had lost 40 lbs. It wasn't planned it just happened through the training.

In January 2010 I purchased a tri bike. I made huge race improvements in 2010 started placing in my age group. I participated in the same April duathlon I did in 2009 to use as a benchmark for improvement. I found I was 25 minutes faster finishing 15th overall and 3rd in my age group. I had a few goals set for 2010 which I was able to complete. I completed a couple Olympic events and completed my first 70.3 Ironman.

I’m in my third season and now I’m consistently placing in my age group. I have new goals for this year and have accomplished a few already. In February I qualified for the Boston marathon with a time of 3 hr and 4 minutes and I've broke the 18 minute barrier in a 5K. I have set Ironman Florida as my main goal for 2011. Through swimming and cycling my running has greatly improved. I've seen improvement in both my swimming and cycling.

Being a triathlete is a lifestyle. I believe you get out what you put into your training. Not only do you train your body but, you also train your mind. Keep up with good nutrition and you’re going to get positive results. I can safely say I’m addicted to triathlons, duathlons and running events. Everyday is a potential day for improvement. My focus for this season is building speed and endurance through perfecting technique.

I am a late bloomer to the sport and will continue living, learning and sharing it for as long as I can.