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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

8 minute blog... Running without running, tapering battles, listen to your body a hard lesson learned..

I’ve finally come up for air or at least that’s the feeling. There is so much going on and not anytime to put any of it into words. Let’s see what I can put together in 8 minutes.

I’ll start with Monday 3-12-2012. I decided to go out for a long run. My initial plan was to run until I ran out of water. I completed mile one and felt a warm sensation on the back of my right ankle area in the vicinity of the Achilles. I’ve felt a similar burn before and it usually warms up and goes away. Mile 6 came around and I realized the warm sensation was still there. I figured I’d continue running since it wasn’t prohibiting my run and reassess when I got done with the next loop which would have put me at mile 14. At mile 12 I knew I had injured myself. This was on me I should have shut it down ant mile 6 or better yet mile 1.

I sit here 15 days later and less than 5 days from Galveston 70.3 with an uncertainty. My last two weeks have been filled with 10 plus hours of aqua jogging and maybe 7 miles of non aqua jogging. I took two sessions this past weekend one run was on a treadmill the other was outside. Both still left me with question. The injury is healing however it’s not 100%. I’m continuing with the taper this week and have one more ART session. I’m both excited and a bit depressed about the upcoming 70.3. I’m secretly hoping that adrenaline with kick in when I come off the bike and onto the run as I plan on running my butt off. Maybe I’ll figure out the mind over matter and that will carry me through the run. :)

Tapering..! A word that most endurance athletes struggle with. We all go trough it. For those of you who are tapering for the first time. Enjoy the rest. All the training is in and you are not going to lose any of your endurance. Tapering is about getting your body rested for the event and putting in a few workouts to maintain.

I wish I had more time but, my time is up. I’ll try and finish this blog entry on Friday or Saturday.
Safe travels and best of luck a competing this weekend! Most of Texas triathletes will be in Galveston. See you there..!

Thank you for reading this blog entry. As always feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have.


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