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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week in review Monday 11-07-2011 to Sunday 11-13-2011

I had to endure new waters this week. It was my first week of Ironman recovery. This was a huge first for me. Now that the event is over what’s next? What do I do? I knew I had to take some time off but, how much time? Lot’s of questions when through my head this past week.

I read some online recommendations. Some mentioned it took several weeks and some said it took several months. I’m on day 10 of post IM Florida and I’m feeling pretty good. I know I’m not 100 percent but, I do not feel as if I’m going to need several weeks or months to recover. I could be way off on this feeling but, I have a gut feeling that says otherwise. So, the question to myself is why do I feel this way? Maybe it had something to do with my post race recovery?

I ended up taking three days off. The Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after the event I had absolutely noting on my schedule but to relax. I ended up putting in an easy 30 minute swim on Wednesday morning. Thursday morning I got a 1 hour spin in on the Computrainer. I kept that work out light and easy. I just wanted to spin to continue to flush my legs. Thursday night I put in a light 2 mile run. My legs were still sore and a bit heavy but, I also felt them coming around.

Friday morning rolled around and I got in a 45 minute spin at my local gym and some ab work to go with it. I was starting to feel pretty good. My energy levels were coming back around. I decided to go ahead and put in a workout on Saturday. I put in a 4k run, 2 hour interval bike ride and a body pump class. When I was done with the work out I felt pretty good. I was excited about getting through the work out and I knew I would be sore and hurting the next few days mainly because I had not done any type of strength training in about a year.

I closed out my week by putting in a run before I volunteered at a local duathlon. I really, really, REALLY wanted to race but, I knew it would be best that I skip giving it was only a week after my IM event. So, instead of racing I put in a run before the event. I got in an easy 8 mile run. I wanted to push for 12 miles but, I ran out of time. I think the 8 miles I put in that morning was perfect. I allowed me to feel my legs again and see where my body was as far as recovery.

I had a really good time volunteering this weekend. As much as I wanted to join in on the fun I also had a blast following and cheering on fellow triathletes. Meeting first timers brought back memories of when I first started.

I have several new things brewing and I need to find time to work on each of them. One item I need to get to is my race calendar for the off season. I’m signed up for the Cowtown half marathon and the Boston marathon. Once I get my training schedule down I’ll start fitting other races into my schedule. I’m contemplating doing Galveston 70.3 but, that would leave me two weeks out from the Boston marathon which I would like to set as my A race before I get into full swing next year for trathlons. There will be more to come as the weeks progress.

Thank you again for reading this entry. The cold weather appears to be settling in. It’s a great time to get out and run.

As always feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have.


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  1. I envy your drive and recovery! As for time off, I guess some may need longer, but others can get right back in the game. Heck, Gordon did two full ironman races in a week’s time! Ha.

    DO GALVESTON! I’m planning on doing it with a group from NWA.